How to Install & use our Lightroom Mobile Presets

So you've purchased a preset collection and are excited to start using your new Artist Presets on Lightroom Mobile! 

We've created a small guide to installing and editing with our mobile ready presets, so you can start achieving those magical colour grades on mobile, wherever you go!

First off, make sure you have Lightroom Mobile installed on your iOS or Android device. In addition, make sure you have Lightroom Mobile syncing turned on from your computer running Lightroom CS6 or CC Classic. (You can find how to do this here:

Now you are ready to Install your fresh presets!

How to install:

Step 1: Open Adobe Lightroom CC on your computer. 

Step 2: Click file, and then "Import from another Catalog..."   


     Navigate to the relevant Preset Club folder you downloaded and select the folder called (Artist Name) - MOBILE. Inside this folder you will find the Lightroom Catalog to import - as shown below.


Import like so:


Now you will see a new collection, containing the Artist Preset Collection ready for mobile use. There are two version of each preset - One containing the full-strength preset, and one with the strength reduced. Like so:


Step 3: Right click the collection and click the option that says "Sync with Lightroom Mobile"


Once all the photos in the collection have been uploaded to your Creative Cloud, you are ready to switch over to Lightroom Mobile and use your presets!

How to use Lightroom Mobile Presets:

So each picture in the collection has been edited with the preset it is titled. This means those preset settings are embedded into the pictures themselves. To apply that partiuclar preset to another photo on your phone/tablet running Lightroom Mobile, copy the settings and paste the settings onto your desired photo.

This can be done like so:

Launch Lightroom Mobile on your device.

Step 1: Navigate to the relevant Artist Preset Collection you have just synced.


Step 2: Select the picture with the desired Preset you want to use, and then click the 3 dot menu on the top right of the screen. (Highlighted below)


Step 3: Click the 'copy settings' options that appears. (Highlighted and shown below)


Step 4: Navigate to the photo you would like to apply this preset to, and again click the 3 dot menu on the top right of the screen.


Step 5: Click the option that says "Paste Settings" (Highlighted below)


Congratualtions! You have applied a full Lightroom Preset on your phone! Enjoy professional colour grading from wherever you go.


Enjoy all your snazzy new Lightroom Mobile Presets!

If you have any questions or queries on how to Install and use our Lightroom Mobile Presets, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]