Lightroom Preset Opacity Slider Plugin Installation & User-guide

So you have downloaded our custom built Preset Opacity Slider Plugin, and want to start sliding around those Preset Intensities right away!

We have created a small installation and user-guide to help you get started.

Plugin Installation:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Lightroom on your computer

Step 2: Click file and then find and click the "Plug-in Manager..." option (Shown below)


Step 3: Click the "add" button as highlighted and shown below:


Step 4

Navigate to the folder you downloaded containing the Lightroom Preset Opacity Slider, select the .lrplugin file and click the "Add Plug-in" button. (Highlighted and shown below)


You are now ready to use the plugin!

How to use the Preset Opacity Slider:

Select the desired picture you would like to apply a preset to.


Step 1: Click file, hover the mouse down to "Plug-in Extras" and then slide across and click the "Preset Opacity Slider"


Step 2: The Preset Opacity Slider interface will then launch! Now scroll through your presets, finding the one you truly desire. Select it, and then start playing around with that slider bar! (Highlighted below)


You can use this to decrease or increase the strength of the preset between 0%-150%. The plugin uses a complex algorithm to calculate all of the required develop settings for that particular level of intensity.


If you want further control over the preset, then tick the box that says "Preset Options" as highlighted below


This will bring up a panel that gives you the choice to disable certain develop panels from being active for the particular preset you are using.


There you have it! You are now free to play and have creative freedom when it comes to editing with presets. Finally get that picture perfect preset edit:)

If you have any questions or queries on how to Install and use our Lightroom Preset Opacity Slider Plugin, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]