Our Professional Colourist - Maini Singh

Hello Vici Visuals community! My name is Maini Singh, and I am a professional colourist. I have been hired by Vici to make sure you receive the best quality presets each month.

 A colourist is a colour scientist who is professionally trained in mixing colours to achieve a certain look, feel and tone. I am a colourist for Filmatography, an award-winning production company delivering world-class commissioned cinema and photography. I have worked on commercial TV content as well as helped directors to achieve the film grade they were after in their films.


My role at Vici is to make sure each Preset achieves the look intended on every picture. So you can have confidence in the preset, as well as making sure it is accurate and versatile. What good is a preset that is unbalanced, overkill or causes image artefacts such as banding and posterization. I make sure the Presets designed by world class Artists are suitable for all kinds of photos, no matter the subject matter. This also includes making sure they are fit for print purposes. Colours can show up differently when printed with CMYK ink - so I run multiple print tests and calibrate the presets for printing too.

All in all, I believe I add huge value to the Vici team as well as to the Vici community. The presets we deliver are of the upmost highest quality - no more disappointing preset purchases. Just picture perfect edits.

DSC_3492.jpg?mtime=20171103003333#asset:1889Possessing the skill of mixing colour is necessary to create Presets that are of high quality, fit for professional use

We hope you enjoy the Artist Presets we have worked so hard to design and create!