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Vici Visuals - Our Story

Around 47bc, when the Roman emperor Julius Caesar became victorious in one of his many battles, he coined the phrase “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. Translated into English, this means “I came, I saw, I conquered”.  In the Latin dictionary, Vici = to conquer, to succeed, to win.

 "In essence, Vici Visuals represents the winning visuals" 

We felt that this phrase and philosophy should be a core value of our brand and company. 

We initially founded Vici Visuals as an Instagram photography competitions community. One that rewards the world’s best photos, but also helps photographers gain followers & build relationships. 

We help start conversations like these


And reward creatives with prizes like these!


Vici Visuals - Development

As photographers ourselves, we became increasingly addicted to purchasing new Lightroom presets to colour grade our images.

But there was also problem we wanted to fix; how can I turn the opacity of a preset down?


Presets are wonderful, but can sometimes be overpowering and over "pop" the image. So we built a custom Lightroom plugin called The Preset Opacity Slider. It lets you pick the strength of your preset anywhere from 0%-150%. It can be purchased here

We also wanted to build a marketplace that combined the love for presets and wall art - there's something beautiful about experiencing art in physical form.

 Our marketplace differentiates itself by being the first company to provide presets for the Lightroom Mobile app for use on iOS and Android devices


We also ship our Opacity Slider plugin with every preset collection; making sure every customer receives the most amount of value from their purchase.

There was just one more problem to solve!

We disliked how some presets for sale were of sub-professional quality. So we hired a professional colourist to develop and certify every preset we ship, making sure our tools are set for professional use. 

You can check out the presets and prints we have on our marketplace here

Please join us on a journey to reward, connect and empower creatives all over the world.

Some of the brands & communities we’ve worked with:


Picture-perfect presets: developed by artists, approved by professionals.

Thank you for reading 

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