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"I’m delighted to be sharing these original presets with you! When Vici Visuals reached out to me I knew that they were the right team to be joining forces with.

This pack will help you create the perfect mood, assist you with bringing your images to life and learn how to develop beautiful muted tones." - Jack Harding

Travel & Adventure with Jack - 6 Presets by Jack Harding:

  • JH01 - The Classic:  Perfect to bring those whites to life and the signature blue shadows


  • JH02 - Sunrise: This is the perfect preset to bring that orange to life and cut through the peaks.


  • JH03 - Muted Greens: The go to preset for lush landscapes. This will calm down those colours and bring a natural vibe to your images.


  • JH04 - Marmite: This is perfect for an old school look, I love to use this with some of my work outside social media.


  • JH05 - Particles: This is a preset I have used a lot for edits where I really want to bring small details out. This has been a personal favourite for my Icelandic adventures.


  • JH06 - Deep Sea: A preset which I have fallen in love with for editing coastal shots.



  • Adventure
  • Alpine
  • Muted Tones
  • Contrast
  • Moody
  • Faded Blacks


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By @jackharding

With over 164K Instagram followers, Jack is a 26 year old British travel photographer based in the Nordics. Known for his unique adventure style, his aim is to travel every week of the year and meet fellow explorers on the road.

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